2012 Board/Ministry Planning Report

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Board/Ministry 2012 Year End Planning Report

Phase One of the 2012 Board/Ministry Planning process provided the format for PBC Boards and Ministry leaders to mutually analyze PBC, determine common strengths, and build the desired outcome or direction to move the church forward.  An emphasis was placed on how to grow the Church to meet the needs of current and future membership as defined by the community we serve.  We analyzed the areas below to determine if we were sufficiently or deficiently preparing the church for growth:

1.     The organizational Life Cycle

2.     A visual accounting of the number of members below and above 35 years of age showing a drastic decline in the number of families with children from age 35 years and under

3.     The decline in revenue

By looking at the decline in revenue and the number families with children in the age range of 35 and under in the church, it appears, when looking at the organizational life cycle chart that PBC is deficient in preparing the church for growth.  The loss of families with young children and the decrease in revenue show the church in the declining cycle and moving towards the stagnant style.  We need to attract young families with children to grow the church both numerically and financially to stop the decline and stabilize the church as an organization.   

When asked, how are we going to increase the numbers of young families with children and therefore increase revenue and grow the church?  We determined that we all love PBC and we want the Church to continue and grow.  The first thing we looked at was the need for “change.”  We had a lively discussion around the humorous book by Spencer Johnson M.D., Author of “Who Moved My Cheese” a light hearted way of looking at change, its inevitability and the need to understand and except change as a way of life.  Learning to adopt to change from a personal, group or organizational level is normal, health and forward thinking.  Expecting or seeing change or elements that cause change requires vision or faith. 

Once the leadership embraced the need for change we worked in groups to determine the Board and Ministry programs that were working well and identify what we could build upon to become the Church of choice for young families with children. We used the process called “The Art of Hosting” and divided the leadership into 3 groups Worship, Education, and Outreach to “Discover”, what was working and should be kept, “Dream” about what should be added to create well rounded Boards and Ministries that meet the needs of the membership and the community we serve and “Design” the framework for enhanced Board and Ministry programs going forward. 

 Phase Two designing the framework for Board and Ministry programs going forward the leadership of the three groups Worship, Education and Outreach reviewed and summarized 15 pages of brainstorming ideas from the previous meeting.  

Phase Three the leadership came up with 3-5 major categories which the Boards will become accountable for completing beginning in 2013.  The Board/Ministries leadership meeting will be held the first quarter 2013.  In the meeting ministries will identify 3-5 goals to accomplish during the year that support/enhance the goals of the Board to which it is accountable. 

Phase Four in 2013 the Boards and Ministries will identify three to five goals to demonstrate the progress toward achieving the 3 church-wide objectives listed below

1.      Provide organization and collaboration to create a full worship, education and outreach/evangelism experience to the membership and community members when engaged with PBC

2.     Increase the membership by attracting ages 12 -40, families with children to our congregation

3.     Create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of families with children

The agreed upon Desired Outcome for this process is:  

Strong Boards/Ministries that reach all ages and stages of life



Worship Ministries (Pastor and Pulpit Ministers, Deacons, MusicFine Arts,  Praise Dance, Mime Jr., Sr., Ushers, New Members Class) (Kid’s Church and Blessed Saintz ministries managed under the Pastor and funding through Board of Christian Education)  

The Role of the Worship Ministry:

The role of the Worship Ministries (is to assist the pastor in planning, participating and providing services that enhance worship services to become Christ Centered, inclusive, creative, and relevant to the needs of Pilgrim's membership and community.

 Worship Ministry 2013 Goals

1.     Deacons to lead Quarterly Meet and Greet Fellowships after Sunday Morning Worship Services

2.     Deacons to be available after Worship Service for one -on-one ministry

3.     Ordination Service for Min. Daley upon completion of training, and Pastor's recommendation

4.     Deacon's Annual Day

5.     Shepherding Ministry

6.     Establish relationships with Christian colleges / universities / seminaries to recruit Field Education Interns for the purpose of     
 educating, and training Pilgrim Baptist teachers, children and adults

7.     Strengthen Pilgrim's participation with its national, regional and state conventions


Education Ministries (Sunday School, Cub/Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Nursery, Cradle Roll, Biblical Pageant, Vacation Bible School, Scholars Program, Kids Church and Blessed Saintz)

The Roll of the Education Ministry:

 The role of the Education Ministry is to provide direction, evaluate and supervise, in cooperation with the Pastor, the educational ministries (listed above) and curriculum of the church where applicable, to enhance the spiritual, personal, social, and financial maturity of the membership and the community we serve and empower the membership and community to become disciples of Jesus Christ, strong church and community teachers and leaders. 

The Education Ministry 2013 Goals

1.     Offer Christian Education training programs to enhance and mature the spiritual, personal, social and financial awareness of PBC membership and community participants

2.     Assist the ministries within the Board of Christian Education develop, administer deliver quality programs  that serve all ages and staged of PBC membership and the community

3.     Provide a variety of Christian education training programs to attract the demographic of families with children – age group 12-40

4.     Assist in developing PBC leadership training programs, bi-annually

5.     Represent PBC in the Christian Education Congress, locally

Outreach/Evangelism Ministries (Women’s Ministry, Men of Courage, Hospitality Ministry, Evangelism, Health and Wellness Jolly Seniors)

The Role of Outreach/Evangelism Ministry:  Reach out to the neighboring community to identify and provide programs and services that which meeting the needs of all ages and stages of life with a focus on families with children ages 12-40. 

The Outreach/Evangelism Ministry 20213 Goals

1.      Provide spiritual and numeric growth through small group ministry, fellowship and social justice opportunities

2.     Engage community members from the Rondo community, focus families with children ages 12-40.

3.     Collaborate with other organizations which are in line with our vision, mission and purpose and support the goals and objectives of PBC.

Trustee Ministries (Church Operations/Administration)

The Role of the Trustee Ministry

The role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure the Church is fiscally sound and the grounds and buildings properly maintained to insure the ministry work is done safely and orderly. In this capacity the Board acts as the fiduciary agent for the Church.

The Board of Trustee 2013 Goals:

1.     Balanced Operations Budget

2.     Sustainable Stewardship Program

3.     Capital Improvements

4.     Create an Investment Model for Church

5.     Facilitate Constitution Review and Update

6.     Creation of Grant Writing Team

7.     Manage general Board of Trustees operations

Phase 5 The Boards will be accountable for 3-5 major categories which will be discussed at the Tri-board meetings when needed, and included in the quarterly church meeting reports for congregational review and input. 



Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Garth
Chair Board of Christian Education


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