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Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill, Elected President of S. P. B. I. M. A.

Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill, President St. Paul Black Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance

This article was written based on an interview given by Reverend Dr. Charles L. Gill.  The interviewer was Brother Aaron Rupert.  The purpose of the interview is to get a better understanding of Rev. Gill’s elected position and how the position may impact Pilgrim Baptist Church.

Rev. Gill Cropped2.jpgPastor Reverend Dr. Charles L. Gill of Pilgrim Baptist Church was elected President of the St. Paul Black Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (S.P.B.I.M.A.).  The position is for a two year term, 2014 – 2015, with an additional term eligibility in 2016. Vice President is Dr. Earl F. Miller, Secretary, Dr. James C. Thomas, Treasurer, Bishop Charles Foye of Christ Temple Apostolic Church and Chaplain is Rev. Carl Walker of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church.

President, Reverend Dr. Charles L. Gill’s major roles are to call and preside over S.P.B.I.M.A. meetings. Naturally the president is the speaker or contact for S.P.B.I.M.A. to community and civic leaders. In addition, the president will appoint committees and committee chairs.

Pastor Gill, along with S.P.B.I.M.A., will focus on social justice surrounding member churches and the necessity of high quality education and achievement.  S.P.B.I.M.A. provides an opportunity for member churches to work on common goals.

As president of S.P.B.I.M.A, Pastor Gill plans to keep the Pilgrim congregation informed about S.P.B.I.M.A. activities and events that are of interest to the church.  The congregation will also benefit through acquiring a greater sensitivity to ministering outside of the church walls. This will help fulfill God’s words in Acts 1:8.  He teaches us to go out in the city, state, region and to the end of the earth to spread His Words. 

The Pilgrim congregation, as well as S.P.B.I.M.A. member churches, will have a greater opportunity to take part in community action and fellowship with other S.P.B.I.M.A member churches. This is an opportunity to show that Christ is caring and compassionate in settings beyond the church walls.  


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