Church Directory

Senior Pastor                                                  763-607-3930                                       Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill

Pastoral Services Ministry                               651-224-4938                                      Rev. Dr. Fredrick Bacon

Director of Music                                              651-227-3220                                      Bro. Ron Scott

Assist. Director of Music                               651-227-3220                                         Bro. Jacob Dodd

Youth and Children Ministry Coordinator         651-735-2036                                      Rev. Gerald Dodd

Evangelism Ministry                                         612-460-7424                                      Rev. Richard Matson-Daley

Deacon Ministry                                               651-768-7910                                      Dea. Clarence Kenon

Educational Ministry                                         651-222-4300                                      Sis. Althea Rupert

Trustee Ministry                                               651-646-5938                                       Sis. Stephanie Dilworth

Church Clerk                                                    612-788-3659                                      Sis. Greta Keaton

Assistant Church Clerk                                    651-227-3220                                       Dea. Lou Wiley

Membership Secretary                                     651-501-3837                                      Sis. Cynthia Collins

Church Administrator                                       651-227-3220                                       TBA

Church Treasurer                                             651-338-3863                                      Bro. Aaron Rupert

Assistant Church Treasurer                             651-227-3220                                       Sis. Sylvia Blakely

Chairperson, Finance Committee                    651-338-3863                                       Bro. Aaron Rupert

Social Service                                                  651-487-3971                                       Dea. Gladys Brewton

Sound Technician                                            651-338-8633                                       Bro. Ryan Woods

Maintenance Staff                                            651-227-3220            Bro. Clyde Minor, Bro. Phillip Allison, Bro. Randall Hancock

K.I.D.S. Church Ministry                                  651-735-2036                                        Rev. Gerald Dodd

Superintendent Cradle Rolls                           651-645-7457                                        Sis. Felicia Frelix & Sis. LaShay Whittaker

Women’s Ministry                                            651-227-3220                                        Dr. Patricia Jones Whyte

Men of Courage                                              651-227-8449                                         Dea. Ray Collins

Senior Ushers                                                 651-227-3220                                         Sis. Shirley Barber

Junior Ushers                                                  651-227-3220                                        Sis. Portia Flowers

Superintendent Sunday School                       952-944-1170                                        Sis. Essie Bronson

Building & Grounds                                         651-227-3220                                         Bro. Nathaniel Galloway

Kitchen/Bereavement Committee                   651-645-5177                                         Dea. Ruth Wilson

Wedding Coordinator                                       651-222-3109                                        Sis. Gloria Wright


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