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Online Giving

Thank you for considering donating to the ministries of Pilgrim Baptist Church.

God Bless.

How Online Donation Works

1. Click on link to donation page.   Contributors click on a link that takes them from Pilgrim Baptist Church website to a secure donation page.  
2. Make donation   One-time donations (no profile required) — A contributor simply enters his or her name, address, payment method, payment amount and other information into required fields and then submits a donation.

Recurring donations (profile required) — On the first visit to your donation page, a contributor creates a password-protected profile by entering his or her name, address, payment method and other required information before setting up a recurring donation. Then, on future visits, the contributor simply logs in to make, change or view donations without the need to re-enter personal profile information.  

3. Receive confirmation.   Donors see a printer-friendly confirmation page and may also request an automatic email confirmation. 
4. Process donation.   Donations are processed according to normal timelines and funds are electronically transferred to the Pilgrim Baptist Church account without any unnecessary delay.  
5. View/Import Deposit Report.  Pilgrim Baptist Church can view, download or import deposit reports confirming all donation activity. For security purposes, donor account information is masked (only the last four digits appear). Organizations may also request an automatic email notification for every donation or change. Reports are easily imported into many widely-used software programs.

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