My Sister’s Keeper





“My Sister’s Keeper”

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Board of Christian Education

Sister Adrian A. Browne-Gill, Facilitator

Sister Barbara Merritt, Co-Facilitator

Reverend Dr. Charles L. Gill, Pastor







Women’s Support Network Ministry

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

– (Galatians 6:2 NKJV)

…love your neighbor (sister) as yourself…

– (Matthew 22:39 NKJV)



A Sister’s Spirit ~We encourage you to bring an open mind, heart, and spirit toward God to the sessions. You can change and things can change only if you are willing to “Let Go and let God”, do what He wants to do in every session. With that understanding, we can accept The Holy Spirit may preempt a planned lesson. If there is a special request for prayer or if a sister has a concern she wants to share the group allows for a change and tries to attend to the issues at hand.







Philosophy My Sister’s Keeper ministry believes that women are unique creations of God and should grow spiritually in relationship with God while interacting with others.


Our Mission The mission of My Sister’s Keeper” is to minister to the spiritual, emotional and personal needs of women, members and non-members 18 years and older. It is to provide an atmosphere of trust and honesty where women can grow in relationship with each other and spiritually with God. Build the sisterhood among women by encouraging women to support each other through sharing and learning from their personal stories. Further, to address a broad scope of issues specific to women, using women in the bible with which we as women can identify and apply their life lessons to our everyday situations.


Goals T o define and build the sister-hood among women, members and non-members 18 years and older. Help restore and elevate self-esteem.

Increase commitment to pray where each meeting will be bathed in prayer for each other and the church. Enhance and increase individual awareness of issues that effect or impact women.


 Focus The main focus of this teaching ministry is to address a broad scope of issues specific to women, learn to address issues from a biblical perspective, with practical life application.  


Format The format for the ministry is a bible based and Christ centered discussion of women’s issues. The level of trust and confidence will be explained, and expected from each participant. A Layperson will lead the discussions (the facilitators), but is not limited to a Layperson.

Session Agenda Each session begins with 15 to 20 minutes of transition time for listening to music or personal prayer. The women are encouraged to sit quietly and listen to the music, pray quietly or write out their personal reflections of the day. A Prayer Request sheet is posted at the entrance to the class space for individual prayer concerns to be lifted during corporate prayer time.

Corporate Prayer– All the listed individual prayer concerns are read and the group prays together. The women are encouraged to lead the prayer, rather than the facilitators taking the lead. The prayer is approximately 3-5 minutes long. The group gathers and link by holding each other about the waist forming a tight circle, so the women are hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder as a sign of support and holding up one another. The holding around the waist, and the standing hip to hip, and shoulder to shoulder helps bring the women closer together. It causes the women to allow each other into their personal and physical space. It also shows strength and unity, with the idea that anything or per-son that would try to come against either of the women, all of them would have to fall because of their connection to each other.


Discussion Session The discussion session is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes of the topic or issue of the meeting. As often as possible, prior to the discussion the women are encouraged to read or think about the particular topic and to write down their comments or insights. A bible and notebook/journal are required for each session.


Keepsakes are copied or provided. Scripture verses are for the women to meditate on during the week. Keepsakes serve to introduce the women to meditating on the word during each day. In addition, the women gain personal insights into the scriptures. Scripture verses are given for:

Travel Time:  prepares the women for the day during their travel time to and from work.

Personal Time: the verse is read during personal time (breaks at work or free time at home or school) during the day.

Lunch Time: the verse is read during lunchtime.

Bed Time: the verse is read during prayer time before bed.


Session Day

3rd Friday of each month

Session Time



Pilgrim Baptist Church Fellowship Hall


Sister Adrian A. Browne-Gill

Sister Barbara Merritt

Please Contact us at 651-227-3220 or for a link to our web page for further information.


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