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Reverend Richard Matson-Daley Ordained

Reverend Richard Matson-Daley Ordained

Minister Richard Matson-DaleyresizedCongratulations to Reverend Richard Matson-Daley.  He was ordained Sunday, December 8, 2013 at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The ordination was well attended.  In attendance were Rev. Matson-Daley’s parents, Lloyd and Patricia Daley from Jamaica, his wife Minster Katie Matson-Daley, friends and church members.  The Ordination Sermon was given by Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill.  Pastor Gill offered his words of wisdom to help carry Rev. Richard Matson-Daley through his spiritual journey.

The Ordination Committee consisted of Deacon Clarence Kenon, who is the chair of the Deacon Board and Ordination Committees, Deacon Gladys Brewton and Deacon Lou Wiley.   The Ordination Council included Sr. Pastor Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill, Rev. Gerald Dodd, Rev. Fred Gillespie, Ordination Catechizer, Rev. Carl Walker, Ordination Council Secretary, and Rev. Dr. Fred Bacon.  The Pilgrim Baptist Church’s Voices of Unity choir sang beautifully for the occasion.

Rev. Richard Matson-Daley’s parents were noticeably proud of their son’s achievement.  His father, Lloyd Daley even stated so and went on to say his son has the highest calling to preach the gospel and spread the word.  He also suggested that there is no place they wouldn’t have gone to attend this Ordination.  Looking at his mother, Mrs. Patricia Daley in the sanctuary, you could also see the motherly smile of proudness.  What a sight to see!

The Ordination concluded with the Laying on of Hands, remarks by Rev. Richard Matson-Daley, Deacon Clarence Kenon, Mr. Lloyd Daley and Rev. Dr. Charles L. Gill. There was a reception in Fellowship Hall after the Ordination so that those in attendance could fellowship and congratulate Rev. Richard Matson-Daley.

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