Sunday School Brochure


Sunday School Brochure



The purpose of the Sunday School is to provide weekly bible study for all age groups of the church.  It works with all ministries of the church to encourage Sunday School attendance.  The Sunday School Superintendent and staff are responsible for overseeing the Sunday School curriculum and evaluate its effectiveness.  They also reach out into the community to encourage the un-churched to attend weekly Bible study.


The mission of the Sunday School is to provide training that transforms lives and makes disciples out of its members.  We aim to retain, reclaim and recruit.


1.      To develop classes and activities that will attract children and adults.

2.      To recruit children from internal ministries and the community.

3.      To provide transportation where needed.

4.      To provide an opportunity for children to demonstrate their skills.

Sunday at Pilgrim Baptist is held from 8:30an to 9:30 am each Sunday morning.


Grades K-2 meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Grades 3- 5 meet on the first floor of the new building

Grades 6-8 meet in the Fellowship hall.

Grades 7-12 meet in the Fellowship Hall (stage)

Young adults meet on the third floor, old building, room 102.

Adult 1 meets on the third floor of the new building

Adult 2 meets in classroom 2 (Fellowship Hall)


All classes grades k-12 are studying the major stories of the Bible (curriculum is designed for grade level).

Young Adult, Adult 1 and Adult 2 use UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc) curriculum.

Sunday School Youth Activities

Sunday school youth lead all fifth Sunday church services. They demonstrate their bible knowledge by participating in a “bible jeopardy” game during Sunday School hour at the end of each quarter. All youth participate in the celebration of major Christian holiday activities.

Teacher training and education

All teachers are required to attend semi-annual training and are well prepared to provide training that transforms lives and makes disciples of its members.


Essie Bronson, Superintendent of Sunday School

Dr. Charles C. Gill, Senior Pastor


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