A Night in Bethlehem – Saturday, December 14th from 4 pm. until 6 pm

On December 14th, Pilgrim Baptist Church is taking a time travel back to the town of Bethlehem.

Join us, starting at 4 pm, as we learn about a special night in the city where Christ was born.

Begin your journey by visiting the town photographer and get a holiday portrait with your family! Then explore the Bethlehem Marketplace. Groups will visit with the craftsmen of Bethlehem including:

Pottery Shed – Shape a piece of clay with the town potter
Carpentry Booth – Learn about ancient carpentry – the profession of Joseph and Jesus!
Town Bakery – In Hebrew Bethlehem means “Bread House”. See how loaves are made by the baker.
Hebrew Scribes Tent – Learn how to write in ancient Hebrew with the town scribes.