Position Summary

The Minister of Music is responsible to create an atmosphere of celebration and reverence to God through music for all Worship Service Experiences. The Minister of Music will need to collaborate with the Music and Fine Arts Ministries, Sound Technician and Music Committee Members to embrace and enhance this atmosphere and support the music worship goals as expressed by the Senior Pastor Of Pilgrim Baptist Church. The Minister Of Music reports to the Senior Pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church.




A. Worship Leader

  • Lead the congregation by providing inspiration and motivational music for all worship services.
  • Help bridge generation and/or cultural differences by selecting a range of musical styles which has appeal to these congregants so they can understand, relate and connect more fully with God.
  • Provide guidance in developing opportunities for youth involvement in the worship service.


B. Music Ministry Leader

  • Plan, organize and lead the music ministry for the Mass Choir, Praise Team, W.O.W. Men’s Choir and Youth choirs of Pilgrim Baptist Church.
  • Schedule, communicate dates and times for rehearsal with the Mass, Praise, WOW and Youth choir members. In addition, include time for a choir “warm up” 30 minutes prior to the start of each Sunday morning service with the applicable choir. Specific dates and times for each choir rehearsal is as follows: (This will be provided after discussion with the Minister of Music)
  • Rehearse or otherwise assure preparedness of other music elements including the Band, Sound Technician, etc., for a positive worship experience. Specific dates for band practice is as follows: (This will be provided after discussion with the Minister Of Music)
  • Encourage any interested members of the congregation to join the Mass, WOW, Praise or Youth Choir as a way to expand their spiritual gift.


C. Music Planner

  • Collaborate with the Senior Pastor to identify and prepare sermonic hymn with choir in a timely manner.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor, arrange, prepare and communicate the music requirements for special worship programs and events. i.e., Christmas, Easter, Funerals, weddings, etc.
  • Participate in monthly planning with the Senior Pastor and the Music Committee for feedback, information and/or other concerns.
  • Utilize and research technology in planning as appropriate to enhance and sustain the music experience at Pilgrim Baptist Church.
  • Provide backup musician(s) for Worship Service when there will be an absence.


D. Music Administrator

  • Maintain effective communication with the Senior Pastor and all other music member personnel.
  • Manage the music ministry budget, submit reports, estimates, other request as required by Pilgrim Baptist Church guidelines.
  • Provide cost information to the Church Administrator to acquire music, equipment, supplies and for maintenance of instruments as necessary.



  • Musical background by education, BS or higher, and with experienceand ability to teach various styles of music.
  • Ability to engage, lead, and inspire congregation during the worship service.
  • Experience working with Youth and Older Adults.
  • Experience directing musical ensembles and/or solo participants.
  • Strong leadership, organizational and communication ability to work well with church staff as well as others within the Music and Fine Arts Ministry.



  • The Minister Of Music is a part-time salaried position at Pilgrim Baptist Church.
  • No benefits are provided with this position.


Covid Precautions


  • Remote interview process.
  • Personal protection equipment available as required.
  • Social distancing guideline in place.
  • Sanitizing, cleaning procedures in place.
  • All employees required to wear mask in the building except in individual offices.