Pilgrim Worship Update 4-16-20

Dear Pilgrim Church Family,

Our Governor has extended his “Stay at Home Order” until May 4th, so we will follow this order along with the prescribed health and safety protocols of the CDC and the MDH. If you have not done so already, please fill out your census form, in so doing you ensure your community to get the necessary funding and representation to address your local concerns.

I have received communications from several persons asking if we could expand our Sunday virtual experience to Bible Study and a Prayer Line. Last week we tried it, but the service used at that time was unable to supply the service we needed. Therefore, we are in the process of doing our due diligence to investigate which service would best meet our needs, providing the necessary security, at the price that is responsible and affordable. Once such a service is secured and test runs have been made, I will communicate the relevant information through this same medium so that those of you who would like to participate would have the information to do so.

In the month of April, we are scheduled for a church meeting regarding the selection of the 2020 Nominating Committee, however, because of the Governor’s Stay At Home Order, and since every Pilgrim Church Family member does not have virtual technology, we will keep the current Nominating Committee in place until we can come together as a body of believers.

The current Stay At Home Order is not scheduled to be lifted until after the first Sunday of May (May 3rd), therefore I ask that the head of each household prepare their family to take the Lord’s Supper together virtually by:

  1. Reading and discussing the following Scripture passages with your family to prepare them spiritually to receive the Lord’s Supper.

Exodus 12:1-14

Matthew 26:1-20

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

  1. Purchase and secure Matza (unleavened bread) and 100% grape juice
  2. You will also need a salad plate to rest two (2) matza sheets in during the service and from which family will take the broken matza pieces. In addition, you will need juice glasses to match the number of persons in your family. Each family member will have their own glass of grape juice (filled halfway). All preparations for the Lord’s Supper will be made by the head of the household and each member of the family is to be present at the table when the Lord’s Supper is remembered.

*During the virtual service, I will lead you and your family in the eating of the bread and drinking of the new wine (grape juice). In the event you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

I do need to report that Sis. Leslie Garner passed away Tuesday at noon. Let us remember her legacy and contributions to Pilgrim Baptist Church. In conversation with her family, I have been informed that they are planning a Memorial Service in the near future. Sis. Garner is the third Pilgrim to make their transition during this season.

However, as a church body, I think it is fitting that as soon as reasonably possible we need to recognize the members we have lost as well as family and friends whom we have lost but were unable to say farewell. I believe this service ought to be a healing service for us and done with the understanding that what we do, ought to be done in such a way whereas it does not diminish in any way what the family has planned for their loved one.

Lastly, in making my pastoral calls, I discovered that we have a nonagenarian in our midst … who might that be? Sis. Lillian Reed. She turns 98 Monday, April 27th. Pilgrim let us make this a special day for her.

In closing, let us keep one another in prayer, stay healthy, look for the broadcast on YouTube (under Pilgrim Baptist Church – St Paul), the link on Pilgrim Baptist Church St Paul Facebook Page. Do not forget to like the page and share the good news with your Facebook family and friends. God bless you and looking forward to seeing you soon.



Charles L. Gill

Rev. Charles L. Gill

Your Pastor