RaiseMN Class of 2017

Pilgrim Baptist Church is a member of RaiseMN Fundraising Institute Class of 2017!

RaiseMN announced the five nonprofits selected to take part in the first-ever RaiseMN Fundraising Institute!  RaiseMN is an initiative of GiveMN.

Congratulations to African American Leadership Forum, Elpis Enterprises, Pilgrim Baptist Church, RECLAIM, and TU Dance, RaiseMN inaugural Institute class!

Over the next year, RaiseMN will work with each organization to help them build their fundraising efforts for the future as they look for support from donors to help fund the pursuit of their missions. Each organization will receive a year of expert fundraising coaching focused on long-term growth, and a matching gift of up to $10,000 to use as part of an exciting campaign by mid-2018!

RaiseMN is a new initiative to help nonprofits move beyond simply accepting online donations, and work toward building the skills and tools necessary for healthy and sustainable fundraising. In addition to working directly with organizations as part of the Fundraising Institute, RaiseMN will offer online tools, free mini-consulting sessions, and index national resources for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

Special thanks to The Saint Paul Foundation for their support of the inaugural RaiseMN Fundraising Institute cohort in the Twin Cities East Metro. This first year of RaiseMN is a pilot. The plan is to scale RaiseMN to support more organizations in more communities in the future with the help of additional philanthropic partners and sponsors.