Welcome To Pilgrim Baptist Church

 Pilgrim Baptist Church brings people to God by sharing Christ’s message of love. It is a hopeful, healing, inclusive message — one that answers emptiness and cynicism with spiritual meaning and purpose. We eagerly share this message, individually and as a Christian community, through preaching, teaching, worship, prayer, and outreach. As a church we provide leadership to embrace diversity, to set standards of high quality in our activities, and to address the issues of our time. We invite everyone to join us on a life-long journey of spiritual growth.

2015 Stewardship Pledge

2015 Pledge forms are now available.  Please consider your Pledge (Tithes and Offerings) for general operations, expansion and scholarship.  No amount is too small and all amounts are greatly appreciated.  All pledge information will remain confidential. Completed forms can be placed in the collection plate or handed in at our Thanksgiving Celebration Service.

Music and Fine Arts Ministry

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry and Sunday School are pleased to announce the Christmas Play and Concert will be held on December 14, 4:00 PM at Pilgrim. Casting call (try outs for all characters) will be held on October 4, 1:00 to 3:00 PM here at  Pilgrim. Contact Russell Knighton 612-747-7719 or Sharon Garth 612-791-6435 for a list of characters and casting scripts. 


The music ministry is looking for new members to join the choir.  We are in need of sopranos, altos and tenors.  We have several choirs at Pilgrim which consist of the Mass Choir, which is made up of male and female singers that sing the first Sunday of each month.  We also have the Voices of Unity which is both men and women and sing on the second Sunday of each month.  WOW is comprised of all men and sings on the third Sunday of each month.  Please contact Russell Knighton if you are interested in joining any or all of our choirs.  Share your heavenly voice in praising God.

Pilgrim’s Online Giving

Pilgrim now has a QR (Quick Response) Code for smart phone users to connect with online giving.  When you scan the QR code image with a smart phone it will instantly connect you to the mobile version of Pilgrim’s online giving page.  It provides a quick and easy way to access Pilgrim’s page without having to type out a web address and locate the appropriate link.  Give it a try! Go ahead! Now is a good time.


Sunday School Teachers Needed

We are in need of Sunday School teachers for all classes, Kindergarten – Senior Adults.  Please contact Superintendent Essie Bronson for details regarding upcoming teacher trainings or to answer specific questions.

Legacy Tree

The Pilgrim Baptist Church Legacy Tree celebrates the past, present and the future. Tributes will be permanently inscribed and prominently displayed on the tree. Members of Pilgrim, members of the community and businesses are encouraged to join the celebration. You may submit your lasting tribute now in honor of or in memory of friends, loved ones and businesses.

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