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Worship Ministry

Pilgrim understands that worship is not the amount you place in the offering basket, but the act of honoring God with an extravagant love and humility in and outside of the church body.
Affiliated groups & activities: Junior Ushers (Youth Ushers), K.I.D.S. Church (Kids In Divine Service), Senior Ushers and Music & Fine Arts.

Outreach Ministry

There’s a lot of life happening in Minnesota. Interact with members of our congregation who choose to share their vibrant zeal for the Lord to touch lives other than their own.
Affiliated groups & activities: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Comfort Circle, Health and Wellness, Men of Courage, Friday Outreach  and Nehemiah Social Justice.

Christian Education

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your marriage, children, or foundational biblical knowledge, this ministry has the specific focus to grow your connection with the Lord.
Affiliated groups & activities: Biblical Pageant, Sunday School, Nursery and Cradle Roll, Couples Ministry, Rooted: Young Adults, Blessed Saintz, Vacation Bible School, and Scholarships.

Board of Trustees

Supporting the spiritual and ministerial goals and objectives of the church-body.

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Board of Trustees Mission
The Board’s mission is to support the spiritual and ministerial goals and objectives of the Church-body by providing sound and reasonable financial management that promotes long-term financial stability for all of the church’s desired activities.
Responsibilities of the Board
The Board’s specific responsibilities are set forth in full in the Church Constitution, Article VI, section 4. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for managing the church’s budget, expenses, revenue generation and handling, setting the fund raising policy and final approval of all fund raising activities, accepting church gifts in accord with PBC’s stated policies, and contractual obligations, as well as oversight over the human resources and capital assets of the church.

The Board manages these tasks in consultation with the church members and Senior Pastor.

Committees within the Board
The following Committees report to the Board of Trustees. Each of these Committees is comprised of a chairperson and members from the Board of Trustees and additional members of Pilgrim:

– Finance
– Audit
– Building & Grounds
– Legacy Tree Committee

Board Meeting Schedule
The Board meets on the first Tuesday following the first Sunday of every month, unless otherwise agreed to by the Board. The Board’s meetings generally start at 6:30pm and end at approximately 8:30pm. The meetings are open to church members. Non-Board members may not vote at Board meetings. They may not participate in Board discussions, unless invited to do so by the Chairperson.
Powers of the Board
Subject to the powers and authorities expressed in the Church’s Constitution, Article VI, section 4, the Trustees shall:

Between quarterly and annual meetings of the Church body, be the governing body and exercise the power of the Church; Have exclusive authority to negotiate, enter into and cancel all contracts. Create and terminate such committees as it deems necessary to carry out the work and functions of the Church. Employ and terminate the ministerial and operations staff, as necessary, as well as define their duties, responsibilities, compensation and benefits.

Qualifications Needed to Become a Board Member
A person must be a member Pilgrim Baptist Church for at least one year before candidacy. And, you must have sound fiscal integrity. The Board is comprised of up to 21 members, and one-third of its members are elected by the Church body annually. Board members serve three year terms. Additional information and requirements are stated in the Constitution, Article VI, section 4.

(See Trustees constitution for more information)

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