Called To Serve

This is a story, a true story about the usher family of Pilgrim Baptist Church. This is a ministry of dedicated people. Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ and have given their lives to serve God and the church. In the over 150 years that Pilgrim has been in existence, there probably have been ushers. First men did the ushering but when war broke out, the women of the church had to take over for them and to this day there are more women than men. We have had ushers serving at Pilgrim for 50, 60 and 70 years. Ushering is a service that usually once you start it is a lifetime of service. The usher family is one of the most loving, caring and happy families of the church and a lot of this is shown with the greeting of church members and guests on Sunday morning. It is our loving responsibility to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as we can. Whether it’s fans, tissues, programs or envelopes, this is a mission of service. We are always here to serve you, our guests.

Lord, help us learn that we do not press on toward our goal by our own effort but through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Apart from you, we can do nothing.