Survival Tips for Handling the Holidays

• PRAY— “I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” Psalm 116:1-2
• ALWAYS THANK GOD— “I lie down and sleep; I wake up again, because the Lord sustains me.” Psalm 3:5
• PREPARE — The ambush of emotions can attack at any time; prepare beforehand.
• ACCEPT the difficulty of this time of year and your loss. Remind yourself that it’s a season and it will pass.
• SOCIALIZE — Don’t hibernate. Insecure feelings may tempt you to isolate but force yourself to go out even if it’s only for a short time.
• DON’T ANESTHETIZE — the pain with drugs or alcohol — Numbing emotional distress with chemicals creates more depression.
• TRIMMING — If old ornaments or trimmings cause too much pain, don’t hang them this year. Put them aside for another time.
• GET UP AND MOVE — Take care of your physical well-being. Healthy foods will give you strength; fattening and sugar-filled foods can worsen your depression. Exercise produces natural stress reducers.
• SHOP– online if going to the mall is too stressful.
• COPING STRATEGY — Have the phone number of your counselor, pastor, church, close friend or hotline already taped to your phone. Make the commitment to call someone if negative thoughts get fierce.
• LIGHT — Get some sunshine. Winter can take its toll on your emotions by the loss of sun you experience.
• INVITE a new friend to see a movie, have dinner or help decorate the house.
• SET BOUNDARIES — Precisely explain to your family and friends what you are capable of doing this year, and what you aren’t. Don’t let others guilt you into taking on more than you can handle.
• REACH OTHERS by discovering people who might be alone during the holidays.

Blessings from Your Comfort Circle facilitators: Mary Robinson, Mary Kenon, Tommy & Faye Bell

Aurthor, Laura Petherbridge for Griefshare