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Upcoming Events


Week of January 18, 2015


MONDAY, January 19th

Church Facility Closed

MLK Celebration—Greater Friendship                 4:00PM


TUESDAY, January 20th

Church Facility Opens                                         4:00 PM

Mass Choir Rehearsal                                          6:30 PM


WEDNESDAY, January 21st

                                                                           Noon Day Bible Study                                             12:30PM

                                                                           Prayer Service                                                          6:30PM

                                                                           Bible Study                                                              7:00PM

                                                                           New Members Class                                                 7:00PM


THURSDAY, January 22nd

AA/NA Meeting                                                         5:00 PM

Annual Church Meeting                                              7:00PM


FRIDAY, January 23rd

Food Shelf Ministry                                                   3:30PM


SATURDAY, January 24th


                                                                            Women’s Ministry                                                    8:00 AM

                                                                            ROOTED Young Adults                                            8:30 AM

                                                                            Children Choir Rehearsal                                          10:00AM

                                                                            Mime Ministry  Rehearsal                                         11:00AM

                                                                            Mary and Martha Forum                                           11:00AM

                                                                            Girl Scouts                                                              12:00PM

                                                                            Biblical Pageant Meeting                                          12:30 PM

                                                                            Boy/Cub Scouts                                                      12:30 PM

                                                                            Praise Dance Ministry                                               12:30PM



SUNDAY, January 25th

Youth’s Sunday



Rooms for scheduled Weekly Meetings will be posted on the Church Bulletin Board.


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Weekly Announcements

All announcements for the Bulletin MUST be given or emailed to  Rev. Bacon ( and Denise Loving ( by Thursday 5:00PM.  


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2015 First Annual Church Meeting

Our Annual Church Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd at 7:00PM.  All Reports are due in the Church Office by Wednesday, January 21st.


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2014 Contribution Tax Statements

Your 2014 Contribution Tax Statements will be available for pick-up in Fellowship Hall TODAY and Sunday, January 25th after Worship Service.



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Your Contributions Count

Everyone is encouraged to use the contribution envelopes provided, particularly when giving cash.  Please write your name and address clearly on the envelope, indicating where you want your contribution (s) to go.  We are unable to record your contribution without putting your name on the envelope or if you put cash directly into the collection plate.


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2015 Pledge Forms

If you meant to complete a Pledge Form for 2015, you still can.  Pledges are your regular giving for your Tithes and Offerings, Expansion, and /or Scholarship contributions. Pledge forms are located at the entrances, Ushers’ Table and on the website.  All Pledge information will remain confidential.  Questions?  Contact Aaron Rupert or Sylvia Blakely. 


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2015 Deacon Alexander B. Jordan Scholarship

On Saturday, February 7th, all 2015 graduating high school seniors who are presently active members of Pilgrim and parents/guardian are invited to attend this important informational meeting and receive an application for this scholarship.  The Scholarship Committee will explain and answer all questions regarding the Scholarship program at this meeting.  The meeting will start promptly at 10:00 AM and end by 11:00 AM.


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Sunday School Announcement

Beginning February 2nd, snacks will be served BEFORE classes beginning at 8:30 until 8:45 AM.  Students will be allowed to take their snacks to class.  Questions? Contact Sister Essie Bronson.


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Mary and Martha Forum

Beginning Saturday, February 7th, the  new schedule for the Forum will be the first and third Saturday of each month.  All women are invited to participate in a cross-generational group of women to engage in prayer and informal discussion about life’s challenges.  Questions?  Contact Sister Patricia Whyte-Jones.


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Week of December 28, 2014


MONDAY, December 29

Church Facility Closed


TUESDAY, December 30

Church Facility Opens           4:00 PM

Deacon’s Meeting                  6:30 PM

Mass Choir/Praise Team         6:30 PM


WEDNESDAY, December 31
Watch Night/Emancipation Service    10:00 PM


THURSDAY, January 1


FRIDAY, January 2

Church Facility Closed


SATURDAY, January 3, 2015
Men of  Courage                     8:00 AM
Children Choir Rehearsal        10:00AM
Mime Ministry  Rehearsal       11:00AM
Biblical Pageant                     12:00PM
Praise Dance Ministry              12:30PM
SUNDAY, January 4, 2015

Communion Sunday







Rooms for scheduled Weekly Meetings will be posted on the Church Bulletin Board.


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